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BUILD 179 21.03.2016
-Improved starting logic for all cars
-Made main road asphalt look wet on a rainy conditions
-Decreased rain possibility
-Wear is now calculated for improper fan belt installation
-Fan belt needs to be bought from store
-Adjustments for front wheel suspension geometry
-Lots of new parts to the Parts Catalogue
-Grip on different surfaces should change accordingly between tire types
-Metallic paints can be now over painted with spray
-Added black matte spray
-Log chop exploit has been fixed
-Chopped woods can be now sold to booze drinking NPC
-Added rudimentary NPC graphics
-Added Carburator dirt build-up and possibility it to get stuck (applies only to standard carburator)
-Air filter now prevents Carburator dirt build-up with small cost of power
-Added possibility for moose crash
-Added English subtitles
-Ability to give a lift to drunk person
-Fixed repair shop floor colliders
-Temporarily disabled boat trail because it might cause massive FPS drop
-Boat cannot be accelerated with Beer Case anymore
-Fixed floating tire issue after tire has accidentally dropped
-Fan belt assembly and disassembly is now depended on Alternator angle adjustment
-All tire bolt sizes changed to 13
-Fixes to Tractor Flatbed positional issues