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BUILD 180 08.08.2016
-Player can't go to sleep unless he is tired enough
-Mirrored rear view and left side mirror images
-Getting inside vehicles should be easier now
-Fixed Van glowplug issue where game did not remember heated plugs
-Fisting does not cause fatigue any more
-Drinks cannot be consumed simultaneously any more
-Fixed rotational issues when waking up from sleep
-Sauna states are now saved
-Thunder can now cut down house electricity
-Completely random traffic death should be now eliminated
-Added more roads and buildings to Peräjärvi[sic] village
-Added car inspection procedure
-Possibility to win trophies and price money from rally
-Improved AI driving skills
-Weather now changes after sleep
-Car lights are now affected by battery voltage
-Added police
-Changes in physics of dying driver
-Fixed some calculation errors in engine tuning combinations
-Changes in visual vertex damage
-Added tachometer and fuel gauge to tractor
-Made boat slower
-Switched to more detailed fuel mixture simulation
-Added functional graveyard
-Fixed bug where removing front shock tower did not break steering
-Performance optimizations
-Added oil drain plug
-Added hood lock
-Made car door locks fail at high speed situations

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