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BUILD 181 11.10.2016
-Control assignments can be changed in-game now
-Better support for using gamepads to control vehicles
-Decreased rain / thunder probability
-Police gives now fines based on day-fine system
-Fixed fps issue with boat trail
-Added integration for Steam Achievements
-Added front loader to tractor
-Added human waste suction job
-New eye sleep animation
-Added animations for shop keeper
-Food, beer and vodka shots can be bought from Pub
-More graphics here and there
-Passing out takes player back to home
-Permadeath enabled
-Game can be saved via Toilet Bowl, located at Home, Store, Car Repair Shop and Landfill site
-Added car skinning feature (refer .txt help file in "/images" folder)
-Hood now fits with stock air filter
-Added garage doors
-Added basketball
-Fist cannot be used to move a car anymore
-Disallowed hand pushing inside car
-Added sewage well emptying job
-Added world map
-Changed nature ambience volume depending where player is
-Adjusted the feel of digital steering help
-Changed the way how store items are saved and loaded
-Added bindings for player movement
-Added one AI car to drive around dirt roads
-Motor Hoist, Floor Jack and Car Jack work now with mouse only
-Telephone cord can be now unplugged
-Slowed and randomized human waste production
-Waste tank hose can be put back only if holding hose end
-Fixed AI car driving lights
-Added ability to drink urine
-Changed radio system, every vehicle has now radio capability
-Death without Permadeath spawns player to graveyard
-Increased visibility skill for AI cars
-Added more food products to store
-Added mosquito spray to spray off mosquitos
-Added Steam Trading Cards

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