Some or all of the content on this page is copied verbatim and shouldn't be changed.

The content on this update page has been copied from the My Summer Car Steam page and is copyrighted by Amistech Games.

-Fixed bug with pikes not spawning correctly if trap was in hand
-Fixed issue with starter status not properly checked when starting the engine
-Changed min and max mixture setting limits for all the carburettors
-Adjusted Tractor and Flatbed weights, should perform better now
-Satsuma clock now only works when installed with car battery
-Slowed down Alternator charging rate
-Fixed truck steering help setting issues
-Added detailed car battery condition simulation
-Car batteries can be bought from store (original battery now in bad condition)
-Traveling with a Bus does not trigger traffic offences any more
-Fixed bug with not being able to get out of Driving Mode if Racing Harness was removed while buckled up
-Changed so that pike can be catched only around Cottage island
-Septic tank needs to be emptied at Water Facility with additional waste handling fee
-Dumping septic waste into ground is now a felony, any fines will be appear at home mail box

// The mail box thing is now included, for example electricity bills can be implemented later on
// NOTE, your car battery has been probably spawned back to garage
// Car batteries do not reset their charge during save / load anymore. Until battery charger is implemented your only option is to buy new battery from store

-Fixed bug with simulation not actively registering uninstalled car battery
-Fixed bug with after market car battery colliding with car hood
-Fixed bug with Flashlight collider

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