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-Added oil contamination simulation
-Added oil dipstick to check out oil level and quality
-Added Oil Filters to Teimo store
-Added rudimentary aerodynamic lift to Satsuma, makes the car more unstable at high speeds
-Made Satsuma glove box functional
-Losing and winning in card game now affects Stress
-Added seatbelts to Satsuma, Hayosiko and Gifu
-Gifu windshield can be now broken
-Fixed car radio stereo effect
-Not using seatbelts is now traffic infraction
-Added tire wear and puncture
-Every tire can be now installed freely to any corner of the car
-Added more aftermarket wheels to the parts catalogue
-Adjusted Satsuma cooling efficiency and fuel consumption
-Electric sauna stove cools down faster now
-Fixed Fleetari issues with engine adjustments/tuning and rim painting

// Healthy oil and filter reduces the engine parts wear. The state of the oil can be seen from the dipstick, darker is more contaminated. And yes, you do not HAVE TO change oil :D
// The dipstick works now with Use button only

// Worn tires will lose their grip. Unfortunately there is no way to visually inspect bad tires, at least for now. Fleetari will only work on four wheels at once, when ordering a tire job. Take the wheels to his office.
// Inspection allows only for standard and Gommer Gobra tires. Your old tires you start with won't pass.

-Only rims can be ordered from the parts magazine, rubber needs to be bought and installed at Fleetari's
-Decreased standard seatbelts strength
-Adjusted electric sauna stove heating times
-Adjusted heat generation rates of Satsuma engine

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