The player can vandalise Lindell's property for a highly alcoholic reward from Fleetari once he has called on the phone while drunk. This job can only be completed once per game save.

Getting the jobEdit

As with other jobs, vandalism jobs begin with a phone call, this one from Fleetari, owner of the car repair shop. He will request that the player empty some sewage onto the car inspection shop's property, which - as with any other job - is marked on the map with a dart. He usually calls at night or early morning, drunk.

Completing the jobEdit

In order to succeed, the player simply needs to drive on the parking lot of the car inspection shop with a loaded truck, get out and open the spill valve on the back of the truck. Once the job is complete, Fleetari will reward the player with ten bottles of booze.

Consequences of the Job Edit

The Consequences of the job is a large fine from 4000 marks to 6700 marks. If the player fails to pay the fine, just like the speeding and assault fines given by the police when the player fails to stop at the checkpoint, or hits the police in any way, the police will show up at the players house and knock the player out, and he/she will wake up in jail