The ventti house can be found by travelling east on the dirt road from Peräjärvi, and taking the next right, or by taking the boat from the dock at home and sailing directly north. The house is where the player may partake in a game of ventti. The ventti dealer, who appears at around 8pm, must be present in order to play the game, though the house can be freely accessed even when there's nobody around.

A half-demolished/burned down building, a narrow dock, and a toilet can be found just outside the house. The interior of the house consists of a cushion-less bench which can be used to sleep on, a set of kitchen cabinets, a small rug, and the ventti table itself. A non-portable lantern also appears when the dealer is present.

Note: The toilet and bench can only be used once the house has been won by the player.

The Ruscko, a driveable vehicle, can be found in a shelter next to the road near the house.